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The doors of your wardrobe are always on display, so we design them with meticulous care and an eye for detail.

A sliding wardrobe gives you maximum ease and space and comes in handy especially in bedrooms where space is at a premium.

Ocean Blue Textured Glass sliding wardrobes glide safely and effortlessly thanks to our high-quality tracking system. Our triple tracking option also provides increased access.

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Frameless Wardrobe Doors

A frameless sliding door can make your wardrobe blend into your wall or it can be a bold design statement that is both elegant and functional.

A bright silver track system and large roller combination will provide your sliding door a lifetime of reliable operation.

You then choose from a range of panel options to meet your decorator requirements - safety mirror in either silver or bronze, or perhaps choose from a range of coloured backed glass which add new features to your design the clean lines, colour options and brilliant high gloss finish will make all conventional doors look dull.

Framed Wardrobe Doors

A framed sliding door wardrobe is the ideal solution to solving your storage needs.

Select from a wide range of fashionable colours for the sleek aluminium frame and matching track.
Then select from a diverse range of panel options including safety mirror in either silver or bronze; choose from a range of coloured backed glass; vinyl covered gyprock for a tough and resilient door; or gyprock so your painter can match your walls to your sliding wardrobe panels.



NSW 172598C

QLD QBSA 1069978

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