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Terms & Conditions - Cleaning Maintenance

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

I hereby contract Ocean Blue Glass to manufacture, Install, supply the products described in my official quote and paying the deposit acknowledge the special conditions listed herein:

1.    Acceptance of order -  By paying your deposit, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. By contracting our products and services via either text, phone or email, even in circumstances where a deposit has not been made, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract. As all of our products are custom manufactured to order the acceptance of our quotation is defined as an order to commence cutting of raw materials for production. Once this has commenced cancellation of this order cannot be accepted by Ocean Blue Glass. 

2.    Delivery and Installation - Ocean Blue Glass will at all times endeavour to supply, deliver and install all products ordered for specified dates but cannot be held responsible by material shortages supplied by others. Failure to meet installation deadlines cannot be constituted as a breach of contract and will not enable the cancellation of this order. At times our installers will need to leave glass and materials on-site in order to avoid double-handling; if any materials are damaged or destroyed it will be at cost to the owner and may cause a significant delay in the completion of the project. Our team will always ensure the product is left in a safe location and will give clear instruction not to touch it.

3.    Workmanship - Ocean Blue Glass will at all times carry out the installation of your order in a tradesman-like manner; however, we cannot be held responsible for any damage accidentally caused by the installer. The customer should ensure that all movable items be removed from shelves, floor, vanities etc. and that access to the site is unblocked and safe for passage. A clear passageway must be made for our installers (eg. cover carpet with a drop-sheet) as our installers cannot remove their work boots due to safety reasons. All other items subject to damage should be either cleared or protected to enable our installer clear access so that works can be performed without hindrance. Ocean Blue Glass requires you to notify us of the location of any water pipes prior to installation. It is not the responsibility of Ocean Blue Glass if a water pipe is damaged and the position was not disclosed.

4.    Quality of Materials - Ocean Blue Glass only accepts materials from suppliers who meet the highest industry standards. Hence, we cannot accept responsibility for minor imperfections in glass, aluminium, slight colour variations of metal, small scuff marks or scratches not visible from a distance of 3m held in a perpendicular position using daylight without direct sunlight, etc. when all such occurrences are within Australian Standards.

5.    Rubbish - All rubbish is to be removed by clients unless otherwise specified. Any paid removal of existing products will be disposed of by Ocean Blue Glass.

6.    Removal of existing products - Ocean Blue Glass will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure no damage is done when removing existing products. However, due to the fact that Ocean Blue Glass is unaware of the condition of the existing products, the structure they are fitted to, or how the existing products were originally installed and manufactured, Ocean Blue Glass cannot be liable for damage caused by the removal of the existing product. Existing fixture holes from previous products will be covered where possible but due to the wide array of different shower screen sizes it is not our responsibility to cover these holes.

7.    Variations - Any alteration from the accepted order involving extra materials or labour costs will only be undertaken upon an agreed variation and may incur additional charges.

8.    Payments and Terms - Payment terms will be specified in your quote. Ocean Blue Glass accept Cash, Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer (payment via Visa or Master card attract a 1.5% fee. We don't accept other credit card company payments). Orders will only be placed once funds have been received. C.O.D orders must make payment to the installer before they leave site.

9.    Warranty and Guarantee - Ocean Blue Glass guarantee all installed products for a period of 12 months against workmanship, installation and material defects. All warranty claims require proof of purchase.

Repairs or replacements under this warranty do not extend the warranty period and do not initiate a new warranty period and the warranty period for any replacement parts ends together with the warranty for the entire product.

The warranty is not transferrable.

This warranty does not apply in respect of defects arising from :

  • Normal wear and tear;
  • The failure to follow any installation procedures, operation, or maintenance specified or recommended by Ocean Blue Glass for the product.
  • Any circumstances beyond the control of Ocean Blue Glass, such as unauthorised repairs, tampering, misuse, abuse, accident, damage in transit, natural events, or damage caused by animals.

10.  Rectifications and Defects - Ocean Blue Glass must be given the opportunity to rectify any defects with your product that present themselves during or after installation. In no circumstances is a full refund applicable. Certain discounts may be applicable at the discretion of any manager at Ocean Blue Glass. If a defect in the product arises then the purchaser must notifiy Ocean Blue Glass within 14 days in writing of discovering the defect and return the defective product or a defective component part of the product to Ocean Blue Glass, freight prepaid, together with a proof of purchase. Or advise Ocean Blue Glass of the defect within 14 days following installation and payment for the order has been made in full

11. Call out Fees - Ocean Blue Glass reserves the right to charge a callout fee for any booking cancellations made within 24 hours from the scheduled time and date. The minimum callout fee payable is $180 + GST




Please refer to the link provided on the Quotation for EnduroShields cleaning instructions and warranty. As advised at the time of purchase, it is the customers responsibility to lodge warranty details directly on EnduroShields website to register the warranty. EnduroShield is professionally applied to new glass prior to coming into contact with any contaminates. EnduroShield must be maintained as per EnduroShields instructions noted on their website to validate and maintain the warranty.

The warranty is solely for the EnduroShield treatment, not the glass, installation or any other components. All issues relating to the Enduro shield treatment are to be made directly to EnduorShield and to be dealt with by EnduroShield only. Ocean Blue Glass will not be held liable for any issues arising from the EnduroShield treatment to the glass.


NanoClean Treatment -

Nano clean treatment is otherwise known as EnduroShield. Cleaning instructions were provided on the Quotation. Nanoclean is professionally applied to new glass prior to coming into contact with any contaminates. Nanoclean must be maintained as per Nanoclean instructions provided.

The warranty for Nanoclean is solely for the NanoClean treatment only, not the glass, installation or any other components. 


Romalpa Clause 

  • Title of the goods only passes to the buyer when receipt in full has been received by Gold Coast Shower Screens (the seller) for the full amount of the goods. 
  • Notwithstanding that title remains with the seller until payment in full is received, the risk in the goods passes to the buyer upon delivery.

Until title of the goods passes to the buyer: 

  • The buyer will hold the goods solely as bailee for the seller;
  • The buyer will store the goods separately from its own goods and those of other persons and in such a manner as will clearly identify the product as the property of the seller;
  • In the event that the buyer fails to pay for the goods within the normal terms of trade of the seller, the seller may repossess the goods and the buyer hereby licenses the seller to enter its premises or any other premises where the goods are stored at any time without notice in order to inspect or repossess the goods;
  • The buyer is hereby authorised to sell the product but only as agent and bailee for the seller and the entire proceeds of the sale must be held in a separate account in trust for the seller. The amount must exceed or be of equal value as the outstanding balance the buyer owes the seller;
  • The buyer hereby agrees not to cut, alter or affix or install the goods until title has passed to the buyer; and
  • The seller retains its rights as unpaid seller in respect of the goods.


* Note: Intrinsic to the nature of glass and the toughening process an inherent fault exists whereby a panel of glass may, without any identifiable reason, fracture and break. This is a rare condition however we are obliged to inform you of this issue pursuant to "Consumer Guarantees" "Exceptions to Guarantees" as outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission under the point: "knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product". This product and your foreknowledge therefore falls under this category for exception to guarantee.

Mirrors Limited Warranty

Ocean Blue Glass carry a one year warranty against mirror workmanship from the date of installation. Silicone is applied to all edges for sealing expansion and contraction purposes and the use of strong chemial type cleaning agents may discolour or deteriorate theses seals. Ocean Blue Glass does not warrant against discolouration or delamination.


Cleaning/Maintaining your new Shower Screen Mirror or Splashback

Regular care and maintenance will ensure a lifetime of good looks and exceptional performance

An Ocean Blue Glass showerscreenmirror or splashback has been designed and tested to provide you with years of exceptional performance. To help keep your your new Ocean Blue Glass purchase in sparkling condition and to maintain your product warranty, here are some important care and maintenance points for you to follow:

Cleaning shower screen glass

To clean, apply a reputable, ammonia-free glass cleaner or methylated spirits to the glass.  Wipe in a circular motion with a clean non-abrasive lint-free cloth.  Polish the surface with a clean lint-free cloth.

Showerscreen glass should be cleaned weekly at a minimum, to remove soap stains which will etch and mark the glass if left uncleaned. A plastic squeegee is useful in removing water to prevent water stains on glass. Frames and hardware should be cleaned at the same time. Diamond rings should not be worn when cleaning shower screen glass.

Cleaning mirrors

To clean apply a reputable ammonia-free mirror glass cleaner or methylated spirits to a clean lint-free cloth, and wipe in a circular motion. Polish with a clean non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.

Moisture, water and liquid cleaners should be kept away from the back edge of mirrors. Dry any residue immediately otherwise the warranty may be voided.  Adequate ventilation is important.

Cleaning powdercoated & anodised alumiunium frames

Showerscreen frames should be wiped over with a soft damp cloth. Occasional use of a mild detergent and water solution may be necessary to shift stubborn dirt. 

Under NO circumstances use solvents or harsh detergents, bleaches, scourers or any other abrasive cleaner. 

Frameless shower screen hardware adjustments & maintenance

Check the hinges at six-monthly intervals to make sure that the “hinge to glass clamp” screws are tight and the hinges operate freely.  A couple of spots of sewing machine oil is recommended on metal hinges.

Check that there is a minimum clearance of 2.5mm between the vertical edge of the frameless glass door and the fixed glass panel.  A helpful reference is to use a 10c coin which is 1.7mm thick or a 20c coin which is 2.3mm thick.

Check that the screws clamping the hinges and the screws clamping the fixing clip to the floor and or the wall are tight.

Where there is less than 2mm clearance it increases the risk of glass to glass contact which may result in glass breakage.  For this reason where there is less than 2.0mm clearance, please contact Ocean Blue Glass to arrange for a service call to correct the clearance. If the time has passed from the warranty period, a service charge will be applied.

Slyder Shower Screen and Opto Shower Screen maintenance

The sliding doors are top hung allowing access to the roller clamp/adjustment. However, if the doors are not operating correctly, please contact Ocean Blue Glass to arrange for a service call to correct the issue.

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